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oh! my dear! my tis of thee!
what a tangled web we weave!
silly meme post is better than no post 
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 @ 8:39 pm
leslie knope in love
Stolen from frances_veritas.

First fill this out (without looking at the questions below!):

1) harry/draco, harry potter obvs
2) leslie/ben, parks and recreation
3) olivia/peter, fringe
4) tim/lyla, friday night lights
5) jim/pam, the office (mostly just because i love pam SO MUCH and she loves jim, so)
6) michael/holly, the office

7) draco/ginny, hp (it was a LONG time ago!)
8) jared/jensen, supernatural rps
9) sam/dean, supernatural

10) harry/ginny, hp
11) jason/lyla, friday night lights
12) shane/jenny, the L word

13) arthur/ariadne, inception
14) kristen stewart/dakota fanning, the runaways rps


1. Why do you dislike #11 (jason/lyla) so much?
because i never really liked jason much (also something about scott porter's face just bugs me. sorry scott), and i love lyla a lot so i think she deserves better.

2. Who do you know that ships #13 (arthur/ariadne)?
um.. me? haha, i haven't heard anything about the ship at all -- the big inception pairing seems to be arthur/eames, which is nice to look at but doesn't do anything for me beyond that. i just thought that little moment when arthur gets ariadne to kiss him was so adorable, i'd love to see what'd happen if they took it any further.

3. What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3 (olivia/peter)?
well. that has certainly changed a lot since last season's finale. i'd say at the moment i can't give an actual answer until we learn more about what's going on post-switch. :\

4. What is your favorite moment for #1 (harry/draco)?
hehe. well, seeing as they never got together in canon, it'd have to be something someone other than jkr made up. :P aaaand... i've read and loved too much to choose just one thing. lame answer, i know.

5. How long have you been following couple #5 (jim/pam)?
honestly, since before i even started watching the show. i heard all about "jam" for ages, and then finally got into the office and fell in love too. pam is one of my very favoritest fictional people ever. <333

6. What's the story with #8 (jared/jensen)? What made you stop caring?
i started liking jared less and less and stopped being as invested in the show, so i just didn't really think about them anymore. i still like jensen a lot, though. :)

7. Which ship do you prefer--#2 (leslie/ben) or #4 (tim/lyla)?
oh man. um. probably at their peak, tim/lyla; but since leslie/ben hasn't happened yet, i'm currently more excited about them.

8. You have the power to make one ship non-existent. Choose from #10 (harry/ginny) or #12 (shane/jenny).
even though i dislike jenny much more than ginny (there isn't really enough to ginny as a character to base strong feelings on either way, which is the problem i have with her; whereas my hatred for jenny caused me to stop enjoying and eventually watching the show altogether), it's definitely harry/ginny. i'm basically over the L word at this point, and still very into hp, so that'd make a bigger difference for me.

9. What interests you about #14 (kristen/dakota)?
uh, they're awesome and talented and hot?! watch this, from about 2:40 on:

we're all clear now? okay good. ;)

10. When did you stop liking #7 (draco/ginny)?
when i discovered harry/draco. :D

11. Did your waning interest in #9 (sam/dean) kill your interest in the series?
other way around: the less i was interested in the show, the less i cared about the pairing.

12. What's a song that reminds you of #1 (harry/draco)?
hahaha, omg, so many!!! it's really just ridiculous and embarrassing, you have no idea. i can make basically anything be about them. that said: one of my top h/d songs, while it's a rather conveniently literal interpretation, is beck's "it's all in your mind," which is part of why i was briefly allinyourmind on lj before i changed to areadyheart. :)

13. Which of these ships do you love the most right now?
h/d is my OTestP (truest, see?).

14. Which do you dislike the most?
harry/ginny. that was a big part of why i hated the HBP movie, and if harry had been with someone awesome like luna, the books would've been better too.

15. If you could have any of these pairings double date, who would they be?
hmm. i think olivia/peter and arthur/ariadne. they all live in pretty strange circumstances, so maybe they could help each other out with some stuff. also i'm not sure any other two pairings would all get along. :P

16. Have #2 (leslie/ben) kissed yet? Elaborate if yes.
no omg but when they do.... !!! imdb, why don't you know when parks & rec is starting back up again?!

17. Did #4 (tim/lyla) have a happy ending? Do you think one is likely?
:( not exactly. for both questions. well, eventually they might get one. but not soon. :(

18. What would make you start shipping #14 (kristen/dakota)?
... i already am? see video above.

19. If only one could happen, which would you prefer--#2 (leslie/ben) or #6 (michael/holly)?
eek. this is a mean question. leslie/ben is what made me fall madly in love with adam scott (the actor who plays ben), who has since become one of my biggest celeb crushes, and leslie is one of the most amazing characters in the world. on the other hand, even though michael can certainly be a huge dick, he and holly are one of the most perfect couples i've ever seen in my life. i... guess m/h? that could change once l/b actually exists though...

20. You have the power to decide the fate of #10 (harry/ginny). What happens to them?
i'm a firm believer in EWE (epilogue? what epilogue?) when it comes to the hp book series. in my mind, as far as canon goes, harry ends up with an appropriate partner, most likely luna since they had a strong connection and she's a rad character and their relationship would be very interesting and worthwhile. in my heart though, he's totally with draco. obvs. heh. so, to answer the question (ahem) i guess i'd say they just never got back together after the war and moved on to other people. yep.
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