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oh! my dear! my tis of thee!
what a tangled web we weave!
the oscars! 
Monday, 08 March 2010 @ 12:37 am
leslie knope in love
in case anyone cares and doesn't know yet, i'll put results discussion behind a cut. :)

question: does anyone know what the connection between charlize theron and precious is? i get all the other people who introduced the best picture nominees, but not that one. and it's really bugging me!

oh, and what was up with the sandra bullock / meryl streep thing? did they kiss in something (sandy said meryl was a good kisser)? obviously i realize they're not really lovers, but i was curious as to whether it had some basis in reality or if it was just coming out of nowhere.

so, thoughts on the winners. i wanted either inglourious basterds or precious to win best picture, and i knew they were both unlikely but i was still a little sad. however, the hurt locker was my next choice after those two, so it definitely could've been worse. :P

i haven't seen crazy heart yet (it's in my netflix queue!) so jeff bridges could end up being my favorite performance, but i was rooting for colin firth. i thought he was completely amazing in a single man and his character was really all over the place emotionally, so it was quite a role to play.

sandra bullock won best actress!? not that i don't think she did a great job -- she did -- but i'm surprised. i thought for sure it would go to meryl or helen, and personally i was rooting for gabourey or carey. i'm sure the youngins will both be nominated again, though, so hopefully they'll win for whatever comes next.

super glad about both supporting wins. they were completely brilliant performances and absolutely deserved the award. (especially mo'nique, oh my god. i just saw that movie for the first time saturday night [i was determined to see all the best picture nominees before the ceremony!], so it's still very much with me. i get all teary just thinking about it.)

i was rooting for lee daniels as director, but kathryn bigelow was my next choice so i'm still happy. can you believe this was only the fourth woman nominated and the second african-american? crazy.

for original screenplay i actually couldn't decide between the hurt locker and inglourious basterds, so i'm glad one of them won. and for adapted i was hoping it'd be either precious or in the loop, so again, happy!

i didn't have very strong feelings for most of the technical/art categories, but i'm glad star trek won makeup! i knew they wouldn't beat avatar in visual effects (though i thought they might get one for sound) and i really wanted them to get something. :D oh, and i wanted bright star to get costume design, but i was pretty sure it wouldn't. meh.

i was surprised a single man wasn't nominated for score. i wonder if it was considered or close to being chosen. the music in that movie was incredible, and it made up so much of what was going on that it was like another character. i'm sad fantastic mr. fox didn't win out of the ones who were nominated. :(

i haven't seen any of the original song nominees yet. eep.

i only saw three of the animated feature films (up, coraline, fantastic mr. fox), but i wanted it to be foxy. the other two were really good but not the best, in my opinion. :\

i am sad and a bit embarrassed to admit that i haven't seen any of the best foreign language films yet either.

for documentary i only saw the cove and food inc., and though i really really loved the cove and told people about it for weeks after seeing it, i wanted food inc to win just because it has a bigger, more close-to-home/immediate effect on this country and the way we buy and eat food, and i think it's unbelievably important for everyone to see this movie. as they say in it, every time you run an item through a checkout scanner at a store, you're voting. and so far we seem to be voting for the 'it's okay to terrorize animals and put the health of enormous numbers of people at risk so that already extremely rich people can continue to undeservedly profit off the rest of us, some of whom can barely afford to feed themselves and their children' side. which, uh, is bad. for all of us.

aaand i haven't seen the shorts either.

this concludes my caring-too-much-about-movie[-award]s post. i hope you enjoyed and please feel free to share your thoughts as well!

man, i really need to upload some frigging icons here. pfft.

p.s. happy birthday to my mom!

p.p.s. i have a bunch of DW invite codes if anybody wants one. everyone else probably got them too, but i thought i'd offer just in case.
Tuesday, 09 March 2010 @ 6:54 am (UTC)
Every time the oscars come around I think about getting Netflix, but I never do. This time, I think I might. Mum says she has a long list of films she wants to see. :D
Tuesday, 09 March 2010 @ 7:11 am (UTC)
i definitely recommend it! i think most people probably don't get their money's worth out of it because they hold on to the dvds for too long and get maybe 2-4 movies per month, but for me it's all about the convenience of the queue. it's certainly nice to have movies delivered to my house and not have to pick them up, but it's sooo great to be able to add things to my queue and never have to remember what i wanted to watch. :D plus there's 'watch instantly' (streaming) which is always high quality and also transferable to a television if you have the right equipment (i've never tried it cuz i just watch on my computer). good times!

(and now i'll be sending this to netflix with an invoice for my spokesperson fees. :P)

Edited at 2010-03-09 07:13 am (UTC)
Tuesday, 09 March 2010 @ 3:35 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha, nice. :P

My ex's always had it (why do we use apostrophes this way?) I dunno if I could muster mum into having a quick enough turn around to make it worth it, but I'm considering it.
Friday, 30 April 2010 @ 9:08 am (UTC)
I'm wandering the internet at a late hour.
I tried to see all the movies nominated this year, too.

My town offers the shorts, live action and animated.
The winner for short animation was amazing:

Friday, 02 July 2010 @ 6:18 am (UTC)
hey, thanks for the link! (sorry for the crazy late reply.) i finally watched it & it was amazing indeed. i hadn't seen any of the nominated shorts, but now i'm tempted to check them all out. ;)
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